The Head of Eric Dawson

Disembodied Head of a Vampire


High Concept:

Vampire with a taste for Children

The Face of:

The Vampire Children of Zdenik


  • “Spread the seed”
  • Create an army for Zdenik,
  • He has dark secrets.. they should stay unknown,


  • The dark underground

Eric Dawson, was born in England 1823.
In his early youth, Eric discovered that he was different from those he knew. He had a darker mind and the disire to hurt people. Why? He simply didn’t know. Not yet that is.

Eric got bitten at the age of 19 by …?

Years and years later, Eric met River. As she grew up they got a deeper connection. She trusted him. Just knowing that he could ruin her little world, gave him a feeling of power, and Eric liked it. But it was more that that. River Hart had a purpose, a meaning in the game. She could be used.

So naturaly he bid her.

The Head of Eric Dawson

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