A Scourge upon the Supernatural


High Concept:
The Horror that stalks the Supernatural

The Face of:

  • Faerie Sanctuary
    (this is what people are hiding from in Tucson)


  • Devouring all Supernatural beings



In 1862 Nemesis struck down and Devoured the Demon Belphegor, Hell’s official Ambassador to France. This was when the supernatural community first became truly aware of Nemesis’ existence, and when they named it ‘Nemesis’.

Wherever Nemesis goes, it slays and Devours the supernatural: witches, sorcerers, high and low Faerie, Elementals and Gods, and on Nemesis’ heels civilized, technological and scientific Mankind follows soon after.

Magical mortals It kills in gruesome ways, Faeries are swallowed whole, Elementals loose their souls and are reduced to mere natural forces, and what happens to the Gods only Nemesis knows. But some Nemesis spares, those it makes into it’s Agents. The Agents of Nemesis retain their magical powers but come to serve Nemesis.


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