High Concept:
Wannabe Sorcerer

The Face of:
Power and Revenge



  • A brother’s love for Ceallacháin
  • The Nemesis ?

Template: Sorcerer

Physical: Tall, Copper Hair and Purple Eyes

With great power comes great responsibility, I guess I never got that last part

In general has good intentions but dosen´t everyone consider themselves good or righteous, whether they be good or evil?
He will stop at nothing to gain as much power as possible he´s determined to be the best.

I´m a lone wolf and I like it that way

Doesn´t like people in general, like to be on his own and able to think and scheme his own plans.
Am fond of and always helpful towards his sister Ceallacháin though, lives alot in his head and with his magic.

Me, Myself and Me too

Is arrogant and overconfident a self centered prick to anybody save Ceallacháin.
Is a nuisance to most people around him. Somebody you get tired of quickly, and somebody whom it´s easy to make ones enemy because of his behavior.


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