Druids Dryads and Dust

" a battle for the greater good"
Bulletrittled bunny's

The last time our heroes engaged one of the Vampires of Seniks hideouts . with machine gun fighting goons and vampires…

now they head down into the dark basement…..

*Late Update* A Bass Blasting Hell Hole
Alex' as GM

Players: Catháin, Cybard Swift & R Carter Haines

The players start off by receiving a weird call from a priest in trouble, witch after they traveled to club daemon to investigate…
in club club daemon the players

chapter 1.5

an amulet returns and gets examined, a tracking of a van to a deserted church looking building. EPIC fighting ensues against vamp,thrall, and big bad vamp. cybard gets knocked out , quinn gets knocked out.

Small Rew

Visiting a Magic shop full of wierd objects, Street brawl with vampires.

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