Tag: Crime


  • The Poison Gorillas

    The Poison Gorillas have their territory in the polluted areas west of the airport, AFB and industrial zones. They affect a "traditional fightin' Irish" style, featuring either bare chests or under-shirts, pants held up by suspenders, heavy-duty work …

  • The Hoodies

    [[File:423849 | class=media-item-align-right | 200x200px | marble_hornets_2_by_axylh-d5p5pds.jpg]] Spooky gang of masked youths. Surprisingly well organized and fight in a creepily disciplined manner reminiscent of civil war tactics. Kicked the [[ …

  • The High Roller Crew

    A group of affluent and ambitious youths, mostly high school and college drug dealers, but well trained in martial arts and quickly expanding their criminal repertoire.

  • The Chumps

    Hispanic gang actually called the Champs, but everyone calls them Chumps. Leader is Juan Calderón. Originally an amateur soccer club, who has turned to crime in order to finance their steroid abuse. Aspects: * 'roid ragers * jocks

  • The Abandonato Mafia

    Lost their entire leadership when the Druids raided the Country Club Bunny Ranch. Took the name "Abandonato" since they feel the Vampires "dumped" them. A very traditional Italian-American Mafia, mostly large men in cheap suits. Current leader is …

  • Yakuza

    A new addition to Tucsons criminal troubles is the _ninkyō dantai kuroyama-gumi_ Their Oyabun is Hiroyuki Shinoda, a powerful practitioner of Onmyodo.