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  • pawnshop

    h3. Castaigne & Wilde Used Property *The Idea* A shop that primarily deals in regular pawned valuables, but also runs a thriving side business in Magical odds and ends: your everyday magic item needs. *Aspects* Shady Shop, Shady Neighborhood …

  • Yakuza

    A new addition to Tucsons criminal troubles is the _ninky┼Ź dantai kuroyama-gumi_ Their Oyabun is Hiroyuki Shinoda, a powerful practitioner of Onmyodo.

  • Jesus Consaga

    h4. High Concept Eternal bar owner h4. The Face of Last chance roadhouse h4. Motivations: * Customers * Peace h4. Relationships: * [[The Paranet]]

  • Hildred Castaigne

    h3. High Concept: Supernatural shop owner h3. The Face of: * Castaigne & Wilde Used Property - Pawnshop h3. Aspects * Ingratiating * Probably knows more than is good for him * Ruthless h3. Relationships * [[:paranetter-2]] is an …