Druids Dryads and Dust

Gang Fight part 3

The tournament is still on and blood is soaking into the arena.

we start with a “Friendly” duel between our ticking time-bomb Zybard !
and one of Malina’s witch apprentices dziewczyna .

Zybard takes the cake by blasting her into submission.

for the next fight Clare gets to compete against the finesse champion in a game of catch the straw, where Clare was not fast enough.

next up Focalor calls out ‘the nice guys’ and unleashes some wolf based daemon fury on them.

and in the end the whole stadium rumbled on to one big gang fight!

Gangfight part 2

The wolves and the Japanese opens the evening with a bloody brawl with some grievous wounds and a single death contributed to revenge.

soon after the vampires engage the Templars and the unfair shadow rips them to pieces.

while some Ninja negotiations does not go as planed.

its now up to the rest of the gangs to sort out the remaining “matches” in this “tournament”

Its a Gang Fight...

what started as a normal “get to work morning” got mystified by small notes all over the city, inviting partly the criminal underworld and our heroes to a secret meeting.
it was then announced that there where to be a tournament to settle all the street fights and keeping the blood, magic and strangeness on a “down low”

First Challengers: The Norwegian Wolfs vs The Japanese mafia.

a Dark Cloud approaches...

Our heroes encounter a dark cloud headed for tuscon, though magic they discovered that i might mean the end of the city were it to pass over. a head-on struggle insured with trickery /“diplomacy” and cannon-shot “safe travel” . Angels and Deamons now stirr a little more in tucson….

High tide and busty Scales

last time we saw our heroes they where in deep conversation with Tir-i-Lirransidhe
trying to find out what happened to his lost kin. Magic and general brainpower was thrown at the issue , so now our heroes needs to investigate.

" a battle for the greater good"
Bulletrittled bunny's

The last time our heroes engaged one of the Vampires of Seniks hideouts . with machine gun fighting goons and vampires…

now they head down into the dark basement…..

*Late Update* A Bass Blasting Hell Hole
Alex' as GM

Players: Catháin, Cybard Swift & R Carter Haines

The players start off by receiving a weird call from a priest in trouble, witch after they traveled to club daemon to investigate…
in club club daemon the players

chapter 1.5

an amulet returns and gets examined, a tracking of a van to a deserted church looking building. EPIC fighting ensues against vamp,thrall, and big bad vamp. cybard gets knocked out , quinn gets knocked out.

Small Rew

Visiting a Magic shop full of wierd objects, Street brawl with vampires.

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