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Places Factions
The Parks of Tucson Wild Fae
The Faerie Planes Tir-Nan Og
Club Daemon Hells Refugees
Last Chance Roadhouse Defunct
Bear Canyon Elementals and Spirits
Davis-Monthan Air Force Base Military
The Boneyard Military
El G.H.E.K.O. Sisters of the Three Auroras
University of Tucson Bluepeace
Apache indians
Tohono O’odham Reservation Tohono O’odham indians
Airport Chamber of Commerce
The Mining Companies
Castaigne & Wilde The Paranet
Agents of Nemesis
Bristol Street Stadium R Carter Haines
Castillo Montaverde Knights Templar Cartel
The Vampire Children of Zdenik
Drexel The Poison Gorillas
Las Vistas The Abandonato Mafia
Park Place The Nice Guys
Western Hills The Chumps
Amphi The High Roller Crew
Flowing Wells The Hoodies
Menlo Park The Geek Beasts


  • Rescue from The Red Hoods
  • A Desert Duel at Dusk
  • Who claims the Prize?
  • A fanged approach
  • A Bass-blasting Hellhole
  • Revenge is best served bloody?
  • Cutting the Vampires’ life lines
  • Rescue the Seal
  • Just Save One (failed)
  • Death from Above
  • It’s a Gang Fight!

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